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Where Do I Start?


  • Determine if staying out of the court system is a mutual goal. If you are not sure about which model you are best suited for, please call me and I will help you think this through.


  • I have learned from experience that the most cost effective and productive initial face-to-face meetings are those where my clients come to the meeting with as much of their financial information as they are able to gather. On this site you will find a number of forms and documents. I will need copies of current statements and other forms of documentation reflecting each asset and liability you have as well as life insurance policies and estate planning documentation. The “Check List” will help you with this task. I do not need this information prior to meeting.  Please contact me to set up an appointment 
  • Please begin to identify your expenses living separately from your partner.  If you are a parent and have children (of any age) that are dependent on you financially in part or in whole, you will need to identify their expenses separately from your own, and individually by child. 

    You are in good company if you do not find identifying expenses at the top of your list of favorite things to do!  This seems to be the most difficult task for my clients to complete.  If you get stuck, skip the item and move on.  I will help fill in the blanks.
  • Before you have completed your data gathering project, we should put a meeting date on the calendar.  

What can we expect in our first meeting?


During the initial meeting I will ask questions about your concerns, goals and intentions. We will review your financial data to be sure each of us understands the landscape of your finances. In addition, I gain an understanding of how financially informed and knowledgeable each party is and if there is any particular area where one (or both) parties need more information or a better understanding. Clients come away with an understanding of why this information is important. We may also touch on how it will be used in terms of the process from a legal perspective as well as in our work together. We will talk about the steps in the divorce process and how settlement ideas are created. We will identify what we want to accomplish together, what information may still need to be gathered, who will provide the information and when, and determine our next steps so we all have a "road map" to follow.


Can I come to see you alone?

Mediation:  If you are mediating I can work with both of you as a Neutral or I can work with one of you supporting you and your lawyer.

Collaboration:  If you want to Collaborate it is important that I meet with both of you.  My role is as a Neutral.  I do not advocate for one party over the other.  I hold the family as my client. 


Consultation:  I often meet with people who are considering divorce and are seeking more information in order to make this decision. 


Another scenario is the person who has received a proposal and wants help in understanding the financial impact of the idea or, needs to create a proposal for the other party.

Sometimes one person is more ready than the other and one of you may take the role of seeking information about how to move forward.  Beyond this site, you may wish to have a face-to-face meeting to help determine the best road ahead.

Client Testimonial
“I really want to say thank you!! And again…thank you!! Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life and if there were more people like you around I do believe it would not be so ugly."


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