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 Client Testimonials

“Lisa was extremely instrumental in supporting me during the collaborative process in my divorce. She was laser sharp in demonstrating with facts and figures that the sale of my house was critical in my moving forward financially. Consider yourself fortunate to have her on your team!"  Barbara

“I really want to say thank you!! And again…thank you!! Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life and if there were more people like you around I do believe it would not be so ugly.” Frank 


“What I got a lot out of working together with Lisa was indescribable support, understanding, and empathy with my situation. I know that this is the nature of her work, but I truly felt supported by her emotionally in certain ways that I could not have gone to my closest friends for."  Sherry

“Thanks so much for your kind words. They do count, particularly in a time of stress, tension, and deep sadness. Your comforting words also count to me in a more important way. They show me that you pay attention, that you can feel empathy, and that you are not reluctant to use words of comfort and praise.”  David

"Lisa got my husband and I to come to a settlement agreement when both the mediator and two lawyers could not.  Her expertise in finance helped immensely.  She was professional and grounded yet exceedingly warm and pleasant.  I would recommend her wholeheartedly."  Judy
“Lisa worked with us in a divorce and was incredibly helpful in working with both of us. She was extremely helpful to my ex, who is very naïve about financial issues, to understand the issues and overcome her fears. For me, she had an amazing ability to help me operationalize and make understandable my exotic (and sometimes difficult) financial proposals."  Dennis  
"I got the sense that Lisa wasn’t just going through the routine of her job but was really trying to help me move forward, take control and go on with my life”.  Carol
"Without Lisa working closely with us, our attorneys and the mediator, I’m sure we would not have been able to resolve things in mediation as we did and would have ended up in an expensive and acrimonious court battle.”  Todd

"Thank you so much for all you have done for me.  You run an excellent meeting.  You cut right through all the fog and say this is what we are going to talk about.  It is a gift you have and I am one of the lucky recipients along with everyone else in the room."  Suzan



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