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It has been my experience that the cost of divorce is directly related to the degree of conflict. It is conflict that litigation often thrives on.


What if the process you choose provides you with support, professional facilitation, and tools to move you through the pain, anger, fear, and difficult conversations with an opportunity to not escalate issues such that the conflict drains your resources as they might in a litigated situation? You do have an opportunity to have a direct impact on the amount of money that is spent on your divorce through Mediation and Collaboration.


How do I know if Mediation or Collaboration is right for me?


In order to benefit from all that these non-litigious models offer, you must be well suited for them.  Here are 3 questions developed by Jennifer Jackson, JD to ask yourself and each other to help determine if this path is right for you. 

  • How important is it to you what happens to your partner at the end of this process?


  • If it becomes clear that the best way to meet your partner’s goals and needs without seriously jeopardizing your own well being is perhaps for you to take less than you might receive under the law model, would you be willing to consider this? (This can be about money, assets, things, time with children etc.


  • If it becomes clear that the best way to meet your needs and goals without seriously jeopardizing your partner’s needs and goals is for him/her to take less than he/she might receive under the law model, do you understand and can you acknowledge that he/she is not required to do this?  And that if he/she wants what the law might say they can have, that it is their right to request it?
Client Testimonial
“Lisa got my husband and I to come to a settlement agreement when both the mediator and two lawyers could not. Her expertise in finance helped immensely. She was professional and grounded yet exceedingly warm and pleasant. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. "
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